Adding YES AND

Adding some “AND” might help your Work-Life Balance.

James Sudakow is the author of Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit…and Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World, a humorous illustrated corporate glossary. He serves as the principal of CH Consulting, a boutique consulting practice that helps companies manage organizational transformation, maximize employee capabilities, and improve business performance. Before starting his own consultancy, Sudakow held leadership roles in several global multibillion-dollar organizations across the technology and health care industries.


In Jame’s article he talks about adding more to our daily grind and how in doing so, it can actually help our work-life balance IF it’s a really great “AND” that will help us feel more fulfilled.

What I learned is that the really important thing isn’t to emulate what someone else does to create personal and emotional balance but to figure out what that one regenerative thing is for you.

Read his entire article here.


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