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Sharing my first Silhouette Printable File – Gas Fill Up Stickers

Here’s the thing. My Silhouette files aren’t sexy. I print a bunch of stickers that are functional and am ramping up to make some sticker packs and etc. that are beautiful and varied, but for now, I’m going with the basics. Sometimes it’s nice to get files for free so that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting with finding images, tracing shapes and etc. The image below is basically what the sheet looks like – I did fancy it up with my logo – but it mostly looks like this:


I designed this sheet of Gas Fill Up Stickers as small round icons. If you want to see how many times a month you’re filling up and/or want to see how much your spending on gas – however you want to use them!

I have a Portrait Silhouette machine, so make sure to change up the settings to fit your machine best. I have never shared a .studio3 file – so if you try this and have any issues – please let me know!!

Here’s the Link –



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