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Staycation Worksheets for A5 Planner

It’s the time of the year where you dream of traveling and getting out into the sunshine. (Just me? Naw!) Especially when you live “Up North” and haven’t had nice days in a long time. But sometimes you can’t go anywhere or just want to enjoy your own backyard without snow or cold wind (Again, just me?)

So the options become clear – you need a Staycation. You need to get stuff done around the house, you want to have a garage sale. You want to be a tourist in your own hometown. Well if you’re like me and like to make lists and plans – you want a cute worksheet to plan things out with! Hence, these Staycation Worksheets. I’ve tried to create a few different kinds based on your needs. Some with lines, some without. Different looks. See which one you’re most in need of and download for free! {Visit this site to see each design better.} Every time I make a new Staycation Sheet, I’ll add it to this folder.

Need actual ideas for a Staycation? Check out this article from Samantha Brown, tv host of all kinds of shows including Great Hotels, Girl Meets Hawaii, Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, Green Getaways, Passport to China, Great Weekends and Samantha Brown’s Asia. She’s got a great list of ideas to help you plan a fabulous Staycation.

I hope you have a fabulous Staycation and Seize the Day! Make sure to say YES and add the AND to your personal time!



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