Adding the Yes and the And to Planning.

Starting a new venture is always fun. Especially for someone who enjoys design work, social media and website creation. It’s the day to day work that helps see a new project through AND I am hoping to make the most of this.

I get into kicks. Do you do this? About two years ago I got back into embroidery and took it all the way. I created an Etsy store, a logo, a website, social media accounts – even business cards. I sold a few things.  Didn’t make tons of money. Ended up donating a few pieces to a silent auction that made more money than the items I sold on Etsy. I loved doing it – but then a new something came along. So I didn’t give up embroidery…I just added an “AND”.

dunkinlayoutI said YES and bought an Erin Condren planner, and fell in love with decorating it and buying stickers for it, downloading free stickers for it and watching others make money off of creating sticker layouts. So for Christmas that year I got a Silhouette cutting machine and starting making my own stickers. After a lot of struggle, I learned the ropes and found that I had the interest and the skill – but could never have the time to really make that into an Etsy venture. But that was okay. I loved the creation and fun of designing just for myself. If I wanted to have an entire layout to highlight my love for the Northanger Abbey movie (Jane Austen novel) then I could!northangerabbey So I had to branch out from my embroidery site and then started a new page – The Craftosphere. Because I had added several “AND”s. I said YES to adding more creative outlets into my life and kept right on going. I started making vinyl letters/phrases/images with my machine.

Then there’s the rash of monogramming that occurred on all of my bags:

And then the strand of Hamilton items:

So there were many “AND” projects happening.

This venture is yet another YES in my life. I’ve been wanting to share my layouts and designs for awhile, but what kept stopping me was my interest in establishing and maintaining an Etsy shop. I love having a store and sending off packages etc. but I’m not usually creating original material. I love Hamilton, Star Wars, Kacey Musgraves song lyrics and Simple Stories Carpe Diem images. You cannot sell items with copyrighted material unless you buy the rights, so I’m staying away from all that.

So little by little, I’ll establish this site and start offering access to what I’ve made. Sharing is caring!



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